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February 28, 2022

A Tribute to the Extraordinary Artists of Ukraine

The following selection represents only a small fraction of the work of the Ukrainian creative community
Credit: Serene_Raccoon, PolySerenita #57 (detail), 2021. Courtesy of the artist
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A Tribute to the Extraordinary Artists of Ukraine
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Serene_Raccoon, (Still from) PolySerenita #57, 2021

Kristina Podobed, Blue Flowers, 2021

Anastasiia Nekypila, Galya Carries Water, 2022

David Yablonskiy, Home, 2022 

Yakim, Rain of Thoughts, 2021

Darklunni, So much plastic, 2021

Motanka, Motanka #3: Zakhysnytsya-Maty, 2022 

Solarisedigle, Life Paths, 2022 

graph0man, Warlord, 2021

Lisa Bukreyeva, Magma #1, 2022

Chernaya Rechka, Sparrow, 2022

Malka Napas, Life before the war: Sasha, 2022

Marina Light, Walk, 2021 

Synchrodogs, Nature Twins #17, 2022

Maria Musiiaka, (Still from) Toxic no more, 2022

Spasi Sohrani, FAM, 2022

Nikita Teryoshin, Not In My Name, 2022

Sergey Melnitchenko, Slava Ukraine #12, 2022

Eduard_ov, (Still from) Hiraeth, 2022

V4W.ENKO, (Still from) In[ter]sect(ion) - Planet 6, 2021

Gennadiy Chernega, (Still from) We are targets, 2022

HRUSHKO, Wife, 2022
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With thanks to Bay Backner@Orica.

Orica is the artist-led, ethical NFT platform and creator community. Its mission is to accelerate global wealth equality through meaningful digital assets. Orica’s next exhibition is “REFUGE,” a metaverse fundraiser for The Giving Block’s Ukraine Emergency Respond Fund. “REFUGE” opens in Orica Gallery, Decentraland on 31 March 2022. Contact Orica’s @baybackner for submission details.

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